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trans people making art where queer and trans people don’t exist is not something i understand (i’m being kind)

but how do you make this criticism when some of the most prominent/funded trans artists and creators in your field are doing just that?

trans people making art where queer and trans people don’t exist is not something i understand (i’m being kind)


Since people were asking about ways they could help me last night, there is one thing that I really need. I need to get my A+ Certification as quickly as possible so that I’ll be able to start doing more jobs and bring in more income. The only problem is the cost of the test voucher. If I have to pay for it out of pocket, I am definitely gonna be broke before my next payday.

If I can raise $188 in donations, I’ll be able to get a single test voucher from CompTIA. For $279, I’ll be able to get the voucher, one free retake, and the full curriculum to help me study. Even being able to raise half of the money I need would help me immensely. And, if anyone knows of a cheaper option, please share it with me.

You can donate to my paypal, or use my email to send me money directly.

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—Pero Tu Mirada


Pero Tu Mirada - Yaguaru

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Cece McDonald by Alec Soth


Cece McDonald by Alec Soth

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Mexicans are so beautiful


Mexicans are so beautiful

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i am in love with every trans girl honestly


christophe lemaire s/s 2015

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If you’re a trans woman of color or a mutual, like this post and I’ll message you a link to download a current draft of my novel - it’s not far from finished at 30k words. If you haven’t been following along as I’ve put out gradually longer drafts, it’s about a Mexican trans woman living in south Texas. Part transition novel, part Latin@ slice-of-life novel, part trans lesbian erotic novel, part political novel, part border lands mythology, and so on. Reblog if you want.

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The ‘victim’ approach to the study of white women in the slave formation, therefore, has severe limitations… while white males were the predominant owners of slaves in the plantation sector, the same cannot be said for the urban sector. White women were generally the owners of small properties, rather than large estates, but their small properties were more proportionately stocked with slaves than the large, male owned properties.

In 1815, white women owned about 24 percent of the slaves in St Lucia; 12 per cent of the slaves on properties of more than 50 slaves, and 48 per cent of the properties with less than 10 slaves. In Barbados in 1817, less than five of the holdings of 50 slaves or more were owned by white women, but they owned 40 percent of the properties with less than 10 slaves…

White women also owned more female slaves than male slaves. The extensive female ownership of slaves in the towns was matched by the unusually high proportion of females in the slave population; female slave owners owned more female slaves than male slave owners….

From these data the image that emerges of the white female slaveowner is that she was generally urban, in possession of less than ten slaves, the majority of whom were female. That female slaveowners generally owned female slaves, indicates the nature of enterprises, and hence labour regimes, managed and owned by white women. It is reasonable, then, to argue that any conceptualization of urban slavery, especially with reference to the experiences of enslaved black women, should proceed with an explicit articulation of white women are principal slaveowners.

excerpt from Centering Woman: Gender Discourses in Caribbean Slave Society by Hilary McD Beckles  (via daniellemertina)

White women are more dangerous arbiters if white supremacy than white men. Always have been. Especially towards Black women.

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The Young Lords Party in New York. The Young Lords Party (formed in the early 1960’s in New York City by mostly Puerto Rican students and immigrants, inspired by the Black Panther Party) looked to defend the rights of Puerto Rican immigrants and to struggle for National Liberation. Many became involved in student and anti-war movements and wanted to apply the skills gained in that work to creating a community-based revolutionary organization.

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I know I ask this every couple of months but can someone tell me why we aren’t talking about Cakes Da Killa like… constantly? 

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i think i want to give up and just share exactly what i’ve written to date, in which the narrative gets more rough and fragmented toward the end until the last pages are essentially notes to myself (intentions). wouldn’t that be honest? what is honesty or transparency in writing - do you need to see the mistakes i make? will it even be okay to make mistakes or should i be afraid of you?  but then i stop myself and go back to patching the text together, rewriting every other sentence, moving paragraphs around like pieces of a puzzle that had a real answer.

Otro reto del tema de hormonización, ¿cómo conseguir las mendigas pastillas? Parecería que en estos meses me he vuelto experta en el tráfico de estupefacientes, con la cantidad de trucos y artimañas que he desarrollado para buscar la mezcla perfecta, pero la realidad es que sólo me encargo de procurar mis pastillas prostéticas bajo el miedo de que si las dejo de tomar, mis testículos comenzarán a actuar en mi contra. ¿Pero saben qué? En México se consiguen estas hormonas en cualquier farmacia y sin receta.

Tomar las hormonas incorrectamente es camino seguro de suicidio, pero tampoco es que estemos llenos de endocrinólogos expertos en transición. Mi doctor —un “don frufru” en Médica Sur— me invitó a bloquear testosterona sin siquiera saber qué medicamentos hay en venta en el país. No encontré un solo doctor con experiencia demostrable en el tema trans en todo el país. Muchos llegaban con un simple: “eso no se enseña acá, emigra”.

Ophelia Pastrana, “Mujer en pastillas.” Vice México (Aug 25, 2014)

and if you’re in a similar situation with your writing/art you should come talk to me